Since 2002 OD Consulting have been assisting clients across a wide range of industries to achieve their business outcomes by developing their people, teams and organisational culture.

We understand that no two organisations operate in the same manner, so we customise our development and consultancy services to meet your specific needs.


What is the OD Consulting difference?

  • We start with you. We want to know you, your team and organisation, so that we can develop and deliver tailored solutions that will assist you to get the very best from your people and achieve your business objectives
  • The content and delivery of all development programs are customised to suit your needs and achieve your objectives. We zero in on the results you want to achieve, and don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It is our level of expertise and talents as facilitators and consultants that enable us to tailor our programs and approach where others cannot
  • We expect consistently high standards of our team. Every one of our facilitators and consultants is a specialist in their field and have been selected on the basis of consistently positive client feedback
  • We develop personalised training and development materials, based on our own knowledge and unique processes, providing a more efficient and cohesive development experience


Above all, we value and respect the working relationships we have with you, our clients, and are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for your teams and organisation.

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