Are your teams achieving their objectives? If not, we can help!

The success of an organisation is all about its people. You may have the right people in your team, but are they all working towards the same common goal? Do they understand what that goal is, and feel a sense of ownership and responsibility to achieve it collectively?

Perhaps communication has broken down within the team, whether that may be through a conflict issue, dysfunctional day-to-day communication processes, or simply a lack of team building and socialisation?

Organisational goals can only be achieved if everyone in the team is working effectively and proactively towards achieving them, both on an individual and a group level.

OD Consulting facilitates customised team development, team planning and team building processes, designed to meet the specific needs of your team, whether it be virtual or face to face.

Our services include:

Facilitation of team development processes

Facilitation of team planning workshops

DiSC workshops

Virtual team development processes

With a range of diagnostic tools and processes, we can identify the specific challenges your team faces and provide you with a range of strategies and facilitated processes to enable your team to achieve high levels of productivity and effectiveness.

Virtual teams

Is your team dispersed across the state, country or globe? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We specialise in maximising the productivity of virtual, dispersed and distributed teams. For more information, go to

Learning outcomes

By attending a team development workshop participants will:

  • Learn how to create high performing teams
  • Develop greater self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Learn how to minimise communication breakdowns and conflict within the team
  • Build and maintain the trust levels your team needs to succeed
  • Create communication and collaboration processes that maximise team productivity
  • Learn techniques to make team meetings highly efficient and productive
  • Develop an action plan to maximise your team’s performance

Available training courses

Half day team development training course

One day team development training course

Two day team development training course (customised for the team’s needs)